Our One-On-One therapy sessions are customized for you or your loved one looking for help with addiction. One of our licensed professionals will create a unique treatment plan based on each individual’s specific needs.

Trust, Discover, Heal

We have a network of licensed behavioral therapists with many years experience ready to help the person with a substance use disorder. At OnlineTreatment.com, a personal therapist gets assigned to each person for the duration of their online treatment.

  • Trust one of our licensed therapists to come up with an individual therapy plan based on the unique needs of you or your loved one.
  • Discover how to overcome everyday obstacles that block the path to recovery, while learning ways to cope with stress and other emotional triggers.
  • Heal and improve personal health and wellness with the help and guidance of a personal counselor.

Benefits Of Online Treatment

If you or a loved one is considering online treatment to help with recovery, you’ve come to the right place. Online therapy is the perfect option for anyone with a busy schedule or who doesn’t have easy access to a treatment center.

Choosing an online treatment solution is also an affordable option for anyone without personal insurance or who is under insured. For one low price you get one full year of access to an online treatment program that consists of private therapy, personal coaching, streaming video content, and 24/7 access to our online video archives.  

Take a look some of the benefits of using OnlineTreatment.com:

  • Affordable option for people with limited or no health insurance
  • Attend counseling and coaching sessions from any place
  • Work around busy family schedules
  • No need to take off time from work
  • Private therapy sessions from the comfort of home
  • Easy access from any site with an internet connection
  • No need to worry about inclement weather
  • Great for anyone living in remote rural areas without convenient access to therapists

How One-On-One Therapy Works

Each person using OnlineTreatment.com is assigned their own personal therapist, who works with them for the entire year of treatment. The personal therapy sessions last about 60 minutes and includes private, individual counseling with a licensed professional therapist.

The One On One therapy sessions are arranged as follows:

Week Number of One On One Sessions
Weeks 1 through 4 3 personal therapy sessions per week
Weeks 5 through 8 2 personal therapy sessions per week
Weeks 9 through 12 1 personal therapy session per week
Weeks 13 through 52 1 personal therapy session per month

We Can Help with the Recovery Process

Get started on the journey towards personal growth, health and wellness. Contact OnlineTreatment.com today and get started with a treatment program that is completely customized and tailored based on the individual’s unique needs.