Our Personal Coaching sessions focus on self discovery and improving life skills. OnlineTreatment.com has partnered with Darryl and Tracy Strawberry, authors of Clean, Sober & Saved, to create this innovative recovery solution.

Clean, Sober, Saved

  • Clean living is possible through our Personal Coaching sessions to help you or your loved one on the journey towards a substance-free life.
  • Sober living is attainable with the help of our life-coaching sessions.
  • Saved by coaching encourages anyone who is interested to add a spiritual element to their treatment plan.

We’ve Partnered With Darryl And Tracy Strawberry

Four time World Series title holder Darryl Strawberry is a former Major League Baseball player, 2004 Hall of Fame nominee, two-time cancer survivor, Co-founder of Strawberry Ministries and best-selling author of Straw, Find My Way. After many years of addiction and substance abuse, Darryl and his wife Tracy, found salvation through God.

Tracy Strawberry mentions how she was struggling with her addiction recovery before creating Clean, Sober and Saved; “I would practice meditation, and other spiritual rituals along with calming music and even burned candles and incense while reading my daily devotionals, but the power and the connection was never there. A calmness would come over me during my spiritual practices but that feeling of peace would not last or empower me to face the daily challenges of life.

Based on the One on One model, our Personal Coaching sessions offer a faith-based program for anyone looking to add a spiritual element to their recovery efforts. Darryl and Tracy, both ordained ministers, have taken the 12 steps of AA and repackaged them into a Godly perspective.

How Personal Coaching Works

A Personal Coaching session will let you or your loved one discover a reality that is free from substance abuse. These personalized sessions are run by an expert who acts as a personal life-coach. The coach will ask about treatment and recovery goals, then develop a customized personal improvement plan based on the individual’s specific needs.  

The annual OnlineTreatment.com program includes one full year of access to our online treatment plan. Each subscriber is assigned their own personal coach, who works with them for the duration of the year. During a Personal Coaching session the participant first watches a video that includes exercises to help with personal growth and development while following a spiritual-based 12-step program. Following the video, that lasts approximately 20 minutes, the session continues with a private meeting with the life-skills coach.

The Personal Coaching sessions are scheduled as follows:

Week Number of Personal Coaching Sessions
Weeks 1 through 4 2 personal coaching sessions per week
Weeks 5 through 8 2 personal coaching sessions per week
Weeks 9 through 12 1 personal coaching session per week
Weeks 13 through 52 1 personal coaching session per month


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